May 16

Teaching Lily 3D Toddlercon comix

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Very nice toddlerсon comix art. Dad teaches his young daughter Lily to have sex, masking dick at a teddy bear. She plays with his huge cock like a toy and enjoys new toy. Enjoy!

Type: toddlercon 3D images | Author: Carrus | 29 pics


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  1. Chris

    I don’t usually go for toddlercon, but that’s a nice set of a very young girl being gently introduced to sex – even if it is all for the adult’s selfish pleasure! Clear and sharp pictures.

  2. greg

    gd soo hott. tmpting to share one

  3. bopop

    I’ve tried tricks like this with a two year old and it worked great. I used honey, and she licked it like a lollypop. When I squirted, she just kept licking.

    1. asd

      mmmmm soooo hott. wow

    2. Segmenter

      That is wonderful bo, I hope you’ve had many chances to use and abuse your little 2yo sextoy.

    3. Moppetlover

      Hot damn! That is so fuckin’ hot!

  4. LGAbuser

    So good to use little ones like this, so easy to work them hard and rough…

  5. Man

    Their sexy little bodies.. and smooth hairless pussies, my dick is rockhard.. god!

  6. Moppetlover

    This little girl is the perfect age. Yummy!

    1. Frank

      Perfect age is right. Training her would be pure pleasure.

      1. Segmenter

        Agree also, perfect age for very hard, prolonged…training.

        1. Frank

          You bet. Miss chatting with you. I drifted off for awhile to think about your posts and would like to get back in touch.

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